Booking a Paint Party Fundraiser

Do you work or volunteer for a non-for-profit organization and want to raise money for your cause in super fun and creative way?

I want to help you! Lets book a paint party fundraiser! 

How it works...

Each ticket is $35, and then $10 from every ticket sold goes to the cause we are raising money for. I can accommodate up to 30 guests per paint party, with the possibility of raising up to $300! 

There are two options .. 

Public Fundraiser - This is the option of advertising the event in the community, on social media and selling tickets on the website and is open to the public. It is recommended that as the organizer, you already have at least 10 people who are interested in attending the event as this is your fundraiser and will require a lot of promotion on your end as well. 

Private Fundraiser - You already have a group of 10 or more people who want to get together to raise money for a cause. You do not wish to advertise or make public and is geared towards an internal fundraiser.

What is required.. 

Besides promoting the event, the only other thing required for you to provide is space / venue to hold the event. All paint party material and supplies is included in the price of the ticket and I will provide.

Payment options...

Online ticket sales through the website, email transfer, and cash. As the organizer for either a public or private event, you can also collect money from guests who may not want to pay online, communicating with me when you sell a ticket to ensure we keep the guest list organized. 

What should we paint?

You can choose any one of the paintings from the demo library, or send me pictures and ideas from google or pintrest and I will create a painting specific for our event.

What's next ..

We need to book a date! Figure out what we want to paint and post the event to the website as well as Facebook to start promoting if you choose a public fundraiser. 

How do you receive the fundraiser funds?

I will collect all ticket funds and within 2-4 business days after the event I will have a bank draft check ready for you, made out to the organizations name with the amount of the fundraiser portion. 

If you have any further questions or would like to book an event please email