Well helloOo June !

I really need to take a moment and recognize how fantastic the month of May was! I had an absolute blast, seeing familiar faces, meeting new people, making new connections, networking and planning new and exciting events to promote the growth of Paint Paradise!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has come out and paint partied with me and who continue to support me to follow my dream, I really feel the love and I have so much love for all of you!

Paint Paradise parties at the Bridgewater Local Public House every Monday night have been poppin!! It is such a cozy and relaxed atmosphere to let your hair down, have a Painttini and paint party! We always have such awesome servers who take care of us all night long, it truly is a great experience. I am so happy that I was able to partner with the Local as our hosting venue to create a fun activity to do in a small town!

I am local, and I think it is important to support local and that is why I am so pleased to be invited to do fundraiser events for so many special causes! I recently did the Tim Hortons Camp Day fundraiser to help send kids to summer camp and I also just did an event for Autism Nova Scotia South Shore Sector. So far Paint Paradise has done 3 fundraisers, raising a combined $550 towards the causes! Its only going to keep growing! This month I have a fundraiser at the Maitland Community Hall on June 22nd 7-9pm, as we are raising funds to fix the roof so it doesn't get shut down. I have had so many wonderful family memories made in that hall, so it is something that is near and dear to my heart.

I am expanding into surrounding communities, and have just arranged to have a paint party at the North River Community Hall on June 30th from 6-8pm. I really love the wagon wheel painting for this event! It is such a fun one! I couldn't have done it without the inspiration and help from Natasha Demone and Julie Jefferson who live in the North River area.

I am in the process of something new and exciting and something that is a very community based project. I have some final details to iron out in a meeting on Monday so I'm pumped for things to be finalized so I can share it all with you.

I am ecstatic to be doing my very first PLANT NIGHT event at Wile's Farm Market and Bakery on July 5th. It is going to be so cool to teach everyone how to build and create living masterpieces. I am in love with the beachy coastal theme of the supplies we will be using! There are a limited number of seats for this specialty event, I think I only have 10 spots left!

My assistant Christina Olive with her business Close to Home Photography has been awesome to join us at our events and capture all of the memories we make! I think she an I will be collaborating and doing something special for the month of June. We are thinking a give away, book a 1hour photoshoot with Close to Home Photography and get a free event ticket!

May has been amazing, and I am so looking forward to June! Even bigger things are going to happen. I soon will be looking to hire an artist / paint party host !

Thank you all again for your on going love, encouragement and support. I wish you all positive vibes to flow with you through out the month of June.