May is such a fun time of year, the sun is shining more and you can hear the birds chirping again as the warmth feelings that it is almost summer. The flowers begin to blossom and the world looks so green and lush. Its such an inspiring time as an artist. The feel of the cool breeze in the evening, to the sprinkle of spring rain can turn into a creation on canvas as I mix the colors on my palette and let the brush stroked vibe as I flow in the zone.
I am so excited to introduce all of my new original paintings for June and into July! They are so fun to paint with such a coastal feel! I just love being home from Calgary, and being able to enjoy everything the Maritimes has to offer and all the inspiration the east coast gives me!
Paint Paradise is growing and expanding and it is beyond exciting! I am so grateful for each and everyone of my supporters, everyone who has came out to an event, or liked and shared any post to encourage growth! Thank you!